zie, zie toch, er is, er zijn
Taal: Grieks


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Lexicon G. Abbott-Smith

Voor meer informatie: G. Abbott-Smith's A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament (New York: Scribner's, 1922)

ἰδού, [in LXX chiefly for הִנֵּה H2009,] prop. imperat. 2 aor. mid. of ὁράω, used as a demonstrative particle, with frequency much greater in LXX and NT than in cl. (v. M, Pr., 11), lo, behold, see: Mt 10:16 11:8 13:3, Mk 3:32, Lk 2:48, I Co 15:51, Ja 5:9, Ju 14, Re 1:7, al.; after gen. absol., Mt 1:20 2:1, 13 12:46, al.; καὶ ἰδού, Mt 2:9 (and freq.), Lk 1:20 10:25, Ac 12:7, al.; in elliptical sentences, taking the place of copula or predicate (like הִנֵּה H2009 in Heb.), Mt 3:17, Lk 5:12 22:31, 47, Ac 8:27, 36 al.

Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon

Voor meer informatie: Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon (1940)

  (ἴδου Hdn.Gr. cited in Choeroboscus Grammaticus “Scholia in Theodosii Canones” 2.140), aorist 2 imperative middle of ὁρά; but,
__II ἰδού (on the accent see Hdn.Gr. 1.417, al.), as adverb, lo! behold! (even with words of hearing, ἰδοὺ δοῦπον αὖ κλύω τινά Sophocles Tragicus “Ajax” 870 (Lyric poetry), compare “El.” 1410):
__II.1 with Nouns and Prons., ἰ. χελιδών Klein “Meistersign.” 133 (Attic vase, 6th c.BC) , etc.; ἰ. ἐγώ here am I, LXX.Gen.27.1, al.; ἰ. ἡ μνᾶ σοι NT.Luke.19.20 +NT; οὐκ ἰ. Ἀαρώ; LXX.Exo.4.14.
__II.2 with Verbs,
__II.2.a in the imperative, ἰ. θεᾶσθε Sophocles Tragicus “Trachiniae” 1079, Aristophanes Comicus “Acharnenses” 366 ; especially in offering a thing, take it! ἰ. δέχου παῖ Sophocles Tragicus “Philoctetes” 776.
__II.2.b in indicative of all tenses, ἰ. πείθομαι Euripides Tragicus “Orestes” 143 (Lyric poetry): frequently in LXX and “NT” with past tenses, LXX.Gen.24.15, al., NT.Matt.27.51, al.+NT; in the middle of a sentence, NT.Luke.13.16.
__II.3 with questions, ἰ., τί ἔστι; Aristophanes Comicus “Nubes” 825, “Eq.” 157.
__II.4 in repeating another's words quizzingly, as ἰδού γ᾽ ἄκρατον wine, quotha! prev. work 87 ; ἰ. λέγειν prev. work 344; ἰδού γε κλέπτειν prev. author “Th.” 206, compare “Ec.” 136.



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