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Lexicon G. Abbott-Smith

Voor meer informatie: G. Abbott-Smith's A Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament (New York: Scribner's, 1922)

τρίτος, -η, -ον the third: Mt 22:26, Mk 12:21 15:25, Lk 24:21, Ac 2:15, al.; τῇ τ. ἡμέρᾳ (i.e. the next day but one: Xen., al.; v. Field, Notes, 11 ff.), Mt 16:21, Lk 24:46, al.; substantively, acc. masc., τρίτον, a third (servant), Lk 20:12; neut., τὸ τ., c. gen., the third part of: Re 8:7-12 9:15, 18 12:4. As adv., τὸ τ., the third time: Mk 14:41, Jo 21:17; anarth., τρίτον, a third time, Lk 23:22, Jo 21:14, II Co 12:14 13:1; in enumerations, thirdly, I Co 12:28; ἐκ τ., a third time, Mt 26:44

Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon

Voor meer informatie: Henry George Liddell, Robert Scott, A Greek-English Lexicon (1940)

τρίτος ῐ,
  Aeolic dialect τέρτος (see. τέρτα) η, ον, (τρεῖς) third, τοῖσι δ᾽ ἐπὶ τρίτος ἦλθε Odyssea Homerus Epicus “Odyssey” 20.185, compare 14.471 ; τρίτος αὐτός himself the third, i. e. with two others (see. αὐτός 1.6) τ. ἡμίδραχμον two drachmae and a half, Dinarchus Orator Attic. 8.4 ; compare ἡμιτάλαντο; τ. γενέσθαι to be third in a race, Isocrates Orator 16.34, compare Plutarchus Biographus et Philosophus “Alcibiades” 11 :—the third frequently appears as completing the tale, e.g. the third and last libation was offered to Ζεὺς Σωτήρ, Διὸς σωτηρίου σπονδὴ τρίτου κρατῆρος Sophocles Tragicus “Fragmenta” 425, compare Aeschylus Tragicus “Fragmenta - American Journal of Philology” 55; ἔγχει κἀπιβόα τρίτον παιῶν᾽, ὡς νόμος ἐστίν Pherecrates Comicus 131.5 (compare τριτόσπονδος) : metaphorically, Κράτος τε καὶ Δίκη σὺν τῷ τρίτῳ.. Ζηνί Aeschylus Tragicus “Choephori” 244, compare “Eu.” 759, “Supp.” 26 (anap.) ; τρίτην ἐπενδίδωμι (i.e. πληγήν) the third and finishing stroke, prev. author “Ag.” 1386 ; Ἐρινὺς.. αἷμα πίεται, τρίτην πόσιν, i. e. the blood of Clytemnestra and Aegisthus, the first being that of the children of Thyestes, the second that of Agamemnon, prev. author “Ch.” 578, compare 1066 (anap.).
__II τρίτη, with or without ἡμέρα, the day after tomorrow, ἐς τρίτην ἡμέραν Aristophanes Comicus “Lysistrata” 612; εἰς τρίτην Anaxandrides Comicus 4; τῇ τρίτῃ Xenophon Historicus “Historia Graeca (Hellenica)” 3.1.17, etc.; τρίτῃ καὶ τετάρτῃ prev. author “An.” 4.8.21, etc. ; but ἐχθὲς καὶ τ. ἡμέραν yesterday and the day before, prev. author “Cyr.” 6.3.11: — διὰ τρίτης two days later, Aristoteles Philosophus “Fragmenta” 368 ; but, every other day, Hippocrates Medicus “περὶ ἀγμῶν” 48, Galenus Medicus 6.354.
__II.2 with other Nouns omitted, ἡ τ. (i.e. χορδή) the third string in the heptachord, ={ἡ παραμέση}, Aristoteles Philosophus “Problemata” 920a16, Plutarchus Biographus et Philosophus 2.1137b: —ἡ τ. (i.e. πληγή) the third blow, see above 1:—ἡ τ. (i.e. μερίς) the third part of a coin or weight, 5th c.AD(?): Hesychius Legal icographus see entry {ἕκτη}, Photius Legal icographus, etc. post Τριτοπάτορε; ἐγένετο ὁ μέδιμνος χρυσοῦ καὶ δύο τριτῶν “IPE” 12.32 A 63 (Olbia, 3rd c.BC) ; third of a stater, Herodas Mimographus 2.64.
__III τρίτον as adverb, thirdly, Sophocles Tragicus “Antigone” 55, “fragment” 380 ; a third time, Euripides Tragicus “Helena” 1417, Aristides Rhetor 2.182 Josephus Historicus ; πρῶτον μὲν.., δεύτερον δὲ.., τ. δὲ.. Plato Philosophus “Respublica” 358c ; τοῦτο τ. this third time, LXX.Num.22.32, NT.John.21.14:—in Homerus Epicus always τὸ τρίτον, Ilias Homerus Epicus “Illiad” 3.225, 6.186, al., compare Herodotus Historicus 1.55, Aristophanes Comicus “Acharnenses” 997, Thucydides Historicus 6.5, etc.:—also ἐκ τρίτου +NT+8th c.BC+in the third place, Plato Philosophus “Timaeus” 54a (but = the third time, NT.Matt.26.44, Dioscorides (Dioscurides) Medicus 5.32); ἐκ τρίτων Euripides Tragicus “Orestes” 1178, Plato Philosophus “Gorgias” 500a :—regular adverb τρίτως in the third degree, prev. author “Ti.” 56b.
__III.2 τρίτον thrice, Syrianus Philosophus et Rhetor “in Metaphysica commentaria - Comm. in” 134.15, “Geoponica” 2.39.7, al., Scholia Pindarus Lyricus “O.” 2.123; Elean ἐν τρίτον “Schwyzer” 412.4.
__IV τὸ τ. μέρος Isocrates Orator 12.177, etc.; τὸ τ. Lucianus Sophista “Tox.” 46; τὸ τ. τοῦ ἀριθμοῦ 1st cStrabo Geographus 7.7.4, cf. LXX.Num.15.6 +5th c.BC+; ἐπὶ τῷ τ. at the third signal, Xenophon Historicus “Anabasis” 2.2.4.
__V τρίτα, τά,
__V.1 (i.e. ἱερά) a sacrifice offered the third day after the funeral, Aristophanes Comicus “Lysistrata” 613, Isaeus Orator 2.37, 2nd c.AD(?): Pollianus Epigrammaticus 8.146.
__V.2 τὰ τρίτα λέγειν τινί play the third part (like τριταγωνιστεῖν τινι), Demosthenes Orator 19.246, compare Menander Comicus 223.17.
__V.3 πρῶτα δραμεῖν καὶ δεύτερα καὶ τ. win.. third place in the race, Euripides Tragicus “Epigrammata - PLG” 3 (τρίτατα conjecture Bgk.) . (Cf. Sanskrit trlīyas, Latin terlius, etc.)

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Grieks τρεῖς G5140 "drie";


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