H4672_ מָצָא
present, meet, come, befall, find, find out
Taal: Hebreeuws


Komt 464x voor in 34 Bijbelboeken.

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Brown-Driver-Briggs Abridged Hebrew Lexicon

מָצָא 452 vb. attain to, find Qal 1 find 2 find out 3 = come upon, light upon 4 noteworthy phrases Niph. pass. of Qal, be found Hiph 1 cause to find, attain 2 cause to light upon, come upon, come 3 cause to encounter 4 present unto

Strong Concise Dictionary Of The Words In The Hebrew Bible

H4672 מָצָא mâtsâʼ; a primitive root; properly, to come forth to, i.e. appear or exist; transitively, to attain, i.e. find or acquire; figuratively, to occur, meet or be present — be able, befall, being, catch, × certainly, (cause to) come (on, to, to hand), deliver, be enough (cause to) find(-ing, occasion, out), get (hold upon), × have (here), be here, hit, be left, light (up-) on, meet (with), × occasion serve, (be) present, ready, speed, suffice, take hold on.

Synoniemen en afgeleide woorden

Aramees מְטָא H4291 "come, reach"; Hebreeuws מְצֹבָיָה H4677 "Mesobaite";



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