Dictionary of Epidemiology
Auteur: Miquel Porta


The Dictionary of Epidemiology has established its position as the authoritative source for definitions of terms commonly used in this field. It is widely used all over the world, and has been translated into Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Farsi, Arabic, Greek and Serbo-Croatian. This new edition has been extensively revised and contains almost 300 new entries. These new items provide improved coverage of infectious disease epidemiology and control, research methods, toxicology, genetics, informatics, health promotion and ethics. There are historical perspectives and liberal references to important articles and monographs. The combined work of over 100 epidemiologists from more than 30 nations, this Third Edition will be a valuable tool for students and professionals in epidemiology and public health.


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Titel Dictionary of Epidemiology
Auteur Miquel Porta
Uitgever Oxford University Press Inc
Jaar Verschenen 2008
Taal Engels
Pagina's pp. 320
Onderwerp Pestilentie, Ziekte


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