Word Biblical Commentary: Psalms 1-50
Vol. 19


Dr. Craigie communicates both the emotional and the theological impact of the Psalms as originally experienced by the people of Israel in their public worship and in private devotions.
His careful analysis will give the modern reader a new appreciation of the reality that life and faith, history and liturgy, struggle and prayer, are inseparable in the life of the people of God.
Dr. Tate brings Craigie's volume up to date by incorporating references to the very latest in biblical scholarship on the Psalms.


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Titel Word Biblical Commentary: Psalms 1-50 Vol. 19
Auteur Marvin E. Tate, Peter C. Craigie
Uitgever Thomas Nelson Inc
Jaar Verschenen 2004
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 504
Onderwerp Psalmen (boek)


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