The Coinage of Nysa-Scythopolis (Beth-Shean)


The city of Nysa-Scythopolis, located, uniquely for a Decapolis city, to the west of the River Jordan, was liberated from the Hasmonaeans by Pompey. Now a self-maintaining Roman city, Nysa-Scythapolis began to mint its own bronze coins, as opposed to the silver and gold coins minted centrally by Rome. This volume provides a complete illustrated catalogue of coins, divided into 97 types, minted at the city from the middle of the 1st century BC until the middle of the 3rd century AD. The catalogue is preceded by a historical background and a discussion of the coinage, including the deities, names and titles depicted, denominations and the circulation of the coins.


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Titel The Coinage of Nysa-Scythopolis (Beth-Shean)
Auteur Rachel Barkay
Uitgever Israel Exploration Society
Jaar Verschenen 2003
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 272
Onderwerp Beth Shean, Geld, Munten


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