Λουκᾶς G3065 "Lukas",

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Lukas (Grieks Λουκᾶς G3065), persoon in de Bijbel.



Lukas, de schrijver van het Evangelie naar Lukas en Handelingen, die van beroep een arts was (Col. 4:14).

Een Griek of een Jood?

Sommigen denken op basis van Col. 4:10-11 dat Lukas niet besneden was en dus geen Jood, met name omdat hij in deze passage later wordt genoemd (Col. 4:14). Echter Dr. Eli Lizorkin-Eyzenberg betoogt: "First, the name Luke is a strange name. It is strange because it rarely appears outside of the New Testament collection, in spite of the fact that we have a vast number of documents in Greek mentioning thousands of Greek names. So we are justified in asking an additional question: ‘What if Luke is not his full name? What if Paul does here with Luke the same thing he does with his friend Demas?’ Demas, who is mentioned together with Luke in Colossians 4:14, is in all probability a diminutive of Demitrius – what we would call a nickname. If this is so, then Luke may also be a diminutive version of a Greek name that is very well attested in Greek literature. That name is Lucius. In English Luke and Lucius have only 2 letter in common, but in Greek it becomes five (Λουκᾶς and Λούκιος). In fact in Greek they are almost one and the same name. Second, now that we have established the possibility that Luke and Lucius may refer to the same person, let us consider Rom.16:17-23 that links someone named Lucius to Paul’s own kinsmen. Please note that this is also a Pauline letter, so keep in mind the genre of literature this text belongs to. Notably, Paul, through his scribe Tertius (vs.22), links Timothy, Jason, Sosipater together with Lucius, by actually calling them my kinsmen! (vs.21)" (persoonlijke correspondentie, 4 maart 2016) Ook anderen zijn van mening dat Lukas een Jood was (P. van 't Riet, Lukas de Jood)

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