The Revelation to John
A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Apocalypse


The Revelation to John by Stephen Smalley is a magisterial interpretation of John's Apocalypse as a grand drama, which can only be properly understood in light of John's Gospel and letters and in the context of the Johannine community. As such, it offers the reader a significantly different approach to this enigmatic text than that offered by most contemporary commentaries. Working directly from the Greek text, Smalley offers a masterful analysis of the critical and literary dimensions of the Apocalypse for students and scholars alike.Contents includean in-depth, critical analysis of the Greek text of Revelationa wealth of scholarly interaction with other commentaries and interpretations of Revelationa canonical assessment of Revelation in light of other Johannine textsa historical understanding of Revelation in the context of the Johannine communityan interpretation of Revelation as cosmic dramaHere is a fresh contribution to the scholarly study of this captivating but often perplexing book of the Bible. Smalley demonstrates that the Apocalypse speaks directly to any situation in any age and offers a portrait of God's loving justice that is relevant to our own society.


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Titel The Revelation to John A Commentary on the Greek Text of the Apocalypse
Auteur Dr Stephen S. Smalley
Uitgever Intervarsity Press
Jaar Verschenen 2012
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 633
Onderwerp Openbaring (boek)


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