A Commentary on Jude
Auteur: David Pawson


The letter of Jude has a sharp cutting edge which exposes raw flesh. That indeed is the real problem: flesh in the church. This little letter will cut through that and expose it, and that is going to sting. But we are sensitive, and the real reason we neglect a passage of scripture is that we do not like it. The church can be destroyed from inside; it is not external dangers, it is internal dangers we need to be concerned about, and this is Jude's concern. Every Christian must live dangerously. This world is not a safe place for Christians. We are living in enemy occupied territory, so it is the most dangerous thing to be part of the church.


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Titel A Commentary on Jude
Auteur David Pawson
Uitgever Anchor Recordings Limited
Jaar Verschenen 2014
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 154
Onderwerp Judas (brief)


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